Do you have an innovative project for the city of Madrid?

The Madrid City Council wants innovation to become a hallmark of our city and for this it wants to promote innovative solutions to the problems of the city.

Therefore, if you have an innovative project that solves any need of our city and that may be susceptible to be acquired by the City Council through the procedure of Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) you can present your project in our sessions of Innocasting.

What is Innocasting?

Innocasting is the process defined by the Madrid City Council to do an active listening to innovative projects that propose solutions to the problems of the city.

The Innocasting process consists of several phases:

- Phase of proposals. The innovative company will propose a project that solves a problem in the city. In addition, the innovative company will send a summary of its proposal in the tab that can be downloaded at the end of the page.

- Audition phase. Proposals submitted in the previous phase, will evaluated by a technical committee that will decide if the proposal presented has interest to be presented to the technical managers of the functional area of the Madrid City Council. If so, the company will be summoned to a private audition with the responsibles of the City Council, in which it will make a brief presentation of its project and will be submitted to the questions of the attendees.

Each attendee will have 10 minutes to explain their project plus 5 minutes for questions and clarifications.

- Phase of public procurement of innovation. If the project is of interest, direct contact will be established with the responsible area to assess the start of a public innovation procurement process.


It is a continuous call, so that companies can submit their proposals at any time. The 15th of each month is the deadline for submitting proposals that may be evaluated and included in the audition for that month.

Auditions are celebrated monthly. The City Council will publish the dates of the auditions early enough and it will notify them to the selected companies. The Madrid City Council reserves the right to cancel the auditions or postpone them if, in the opinion of the Madrid City Council, the number or quality of the proposals is insufficient.


The auditions will be celebrated at La Nave, the reference center for innovation in Madrid.


E-mail to with the following information: name of the company; name of the attendee to the audition, position, telephone and email; company's create date (if it was constituted); activity of the company and a brief summary of the proposal that you want to present (max 500 words). 

By phone at (+34) 914 804 772