Información del evento:

  • Formación
  • 29/4/2019
  • 17:45 - 19:45
  • International Lab
  • 3I Asociation Non Profit
  • Dirigido a Académicos


Charla info DC a profesores bilingües de la Comunidad de Madrid para darles información del concurso para sus alumnos. Se traerá a una profesora que ya ha participado y contará su experiencia.

The Diamond Challenge is the largest global entrepreneurship concept competition for high school students in the entire world. High school students from around the world unite to pitch their idea with hopes of winning funding to make their idea a reality. If for some reason, the winning team decides not to pursue their idea, the funding could be used to finance their education.

There are two competition tracks: The Business Concept Track, and the Social Innovation Track.


- Conference.
- Motivational speech.
- Demonstration, Photos & videos 2019 USA & Spain

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