About us

The General-Subdirectorate of Innovation of the Madrid City Council has the mission to enhance, promote and facilitate any project with an innovative vocation that is developed in the city.

This General-Subdirectorate belongs to the General-Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

You can find us at:

C/ Príncipe de Vergara 140, 28002 Madrid


Our working areas are:

  • Establish, develop and execute policies of support for the innovation. 
  • Promote and enhance the relations of the City Council with Institutions, Public Administrations, organizations, public and private companies and members of civil society who are committed to innovation as a source of progress.
  • Foster open innovation between startups, SMEs and the large companies of the city.
  • Promote innovative, disruptive, creative and collaborative attitudes between the citizens.
  • Establish, develop and execute an open innovation strategy for Madrid that promotes the adoption by the citizens of technological solutions that improve the quality of life of the city.
  • Establish, develop and execute the smart city strategy.
  • Represent the Madrid City Council and coordinate the municipal action at the national and international networks to support innovation and the development of the smart city.
  • Coordinate technology and smart city municipal policies.